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Perhaps, God will give you and me a good time, at that time, I will light a leaf boat, go to the other side to meet you, hand in hand to enjoy the beautiful spring, pen a total of painting a tree of spring, a mountain of spring green.

At this moment, drunk the dream of a lover in the world, the United States how many generations of waiting. So encounter, this life without regret, afterlife without regret.


Shallow spring, with the willow wind blowing face is not cold, watching catkins fly lightly,

listening to the warbler in the forest, feeling the moment of cherry blossoms falling, is so sad and beautiful, just as you bring me the true feeling, the beauty is short, the beauty is eternal in the heart, but it adds a incomplete loneliness, a complete loneliness to the world.


Always in such a moment, with a piece of rain, across the edge of cherry blossom, walking in my soul.


Cherry blossom is brilliant, so should life


After the wind and rain, the sky will be the same as that of the gull flying fish. Out of the thorns, in front of the road is covered with flowers.

Up to the top of the mountain, at the foot of the cloud is the accumulation of green Kong Meng Mountain. In this world, a falling star can not make the sky bright; a withering flower can not make the whole spring desolate.


The wind will rise, the rain will stop, time has been accompanied by their own line. Words send each other, deeds look at each other, walking in their own heart, skipping the time of meeting, came to the memory of love.

Busy time to see the starting point, idle time to wait until the memories, a lot of Acacia accumulated in the depths of the heart, but let a lot of their own deeds, into the words of others.


The moment I met you, the world collapsed. Hear your voice murmuring, if there is some around my ears, since then sink, there is no way back.


Only when we understand our father, can we calculate how much time we have to go with him in his lifetime.


You are rowing other people's canoes to the horizon where I am confused, but I still stay at the place where I met and savor the sweetness of the past. Tears wet the heart, there is a touch, that is my common day with you; there is a loss, that is my personal loneliness.


Simple life, in fact, is a very happy and natural thing. In life, in life, will be less all kinds of trouble and entanglement, then get is all kinds of relaxed and happy.


There was no cloud in the sky, no wind, a scorching sun overhead, and all the trees were standing there listlessly and lazily.


Life is a wise elder, life is a learned teacher, it often spring and rain, moisten things silently for us to guide us, to give us inspiration.


Life is like wine, or fragrant, or strong, because of honesty, it becomes mellow; life is like song, or high, or low, because of trustworthiness, it becomes pleasant; life is like painting, or bright, or simple, because of honesty, it becomes beautiful.


Life is like flowers, colorful; life is like songs, beautiful; life is like wine, fragrant and mellow; life is like poetry, far-reaching and colorful.


Ideal is a stone, knock out a spark, ideal is a fire, light up the extinguished lamp, ideal is a lamp, light up the road at night, ideal is the road, lead you to the dawn.


Parents are great and selfless. They are no longer young, just hope that in their lifetime, we can make them more happy, just hope that the children of parents all over the world, in the Limited days of their parents, let them happy!

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